Upcoming Exhibition!!!! 

The Nomadic Womb -or-  Adventures in Narcissim -or- A Brief Hysteria of Histrionic Behavior

A new body of work of ink paintings, sculpture, and performance art at Core New Art Space. The opening will be October 27th, from 6-9 pm, and will feature a live performance by the artist, and music by the band Gladys. https://www.reverbnation.com/gladys9

I promise to make this a night to remember!!! 

Core New Art Space is located in the heart of the Santa Fe Arts District, at 900 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204

Hours: Thursday 12-6, Friday 12-9, Saturday 12-6 and Sunday 1-4, for more information, please visit www.coreartspace.com.

Sneak peeks: check out my Instagram account, @thebaronessvon: 

Read about the show in ArtBeat Magazine!!!!! http://www.artbeatmagazine.com/core-new-art-space-presents-nomadic-womb/


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The origins of Hysteria, a disease classically diagnosed only to women, was based on the notion posed by Plato that the womb meandered around the body, causing imbalances in the mental and emotional state of the afflicted women.  In modern times, we know that the womb stays tethered in place, but the “disease” of Hysteria has evolved into being Histrionic, a Cluster B Personality Disorder, (in the same category as Narcissism), in which the sufferer (still almost always a female) displays exhibitionist behaviors and needs to be the center of attention.


What then, is the difference between a personality disorder and a personality trait? I have been performing, even for an invisible audience, since I was very young; and have hence been suspected of being Histrionic. I honestly feel that through my performance I am being as authentic as possible, and even feel outside myself when I am in the midst of performing. As a performance artist, doing it in the real world with everything I’ve got, I open myself up to a perilous moment that can easily topple into either glory or shame. It is in the recollection of some of these key moments in my life that I ask, “where, at the time, was my womb?”


This body of work spans one year of performances of the Cosmic Nun, framed by the two years of being the Ceremonial Documenter of the Turkey Boogie and GGBY (Gobble Gobble Bitches Yeah!,  a BASE jumping and Highlining festival near my hometown of Moab, Utah). The resulting paintings are initiated onsite in the desert as part of the performance, and are completed in the studio. The purpose of the work of the Cosmic Nun is ritual of labor and liberation, inspired by the Mandala sand paintings completed and destroyed by the Tibetan Buddhist Monks. The Nomadic Womb series of paintings are based on reenactments and reconstructed scenarios of memories of that hover on the precipice of glory and shame from my life as a performer. For me, there is no division between art and life: I fully inhabit my work.


The exhibition will include India ink paintings, photographic documentation of the performances, interactive sculpture, a ceremonial performance on opening night, and an onsite durational performance throughout the run of the exhibition. 

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