The Face that Launched a Thousand Ships
With Amanda Spruell: Falling Afraid Heights no More: the Earth
With Andrew Callis: Trust Me, You'd Love the Colors
With Brenden Bannon: How to Explain
With Briana Benson, Azalya  (Omada Stew to all Mother Goddesses)
With Britta Hallin and Anthony Obr: 108 Times
With Brock Dent and Zac Zetterberg: And Eat it Too
With Dain Quentin Gore: Beige Rage
With Hilary Harp and Brock Dent: Mother Fucking Artist  (Omada Stew to Robert Smithson)
With Jackie Rich: Creatively Rebellious
With James Austin Murray: Yes, …and
Cease to Be Pink (or Catch and Release)  (Omada Stew to John O’Connell)
With Jung In Kim: DAD
With Katherine Jones and Brock Dent: Perfectly Broken  (Omada Stew to Sandro de Botticelli)
With Lynn von Koch-Liebert and Paul von Koch: An Homage to Ed, Despite Being Dead
With Maria Michails: Self-interested and Self-reliant, Passionately Alone
With Ronna Nemitz: His Eyes
With Ryan Cobourn: Lush Life
With Ryan Peter Miller and Brock Dent: Phallusy
With Wynter Jones: It’s the shit that happens while you wait for moments that never come
With Zac Zetterberg, Ryan Peter Miller, Jonathan Woll and Candice McFall: The Mongrel
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