My amazing class, working on our murals.
 This mural, which has the hand prints and signatures of the whole class, translates into the name and year of their unique class. As furniture design majors, they take all of the same classes together for all four years of the degree, and so they become very close.
 The murals are in an outdoor space between the woodshed and the design studio where the students spend most of their time, and therefore they will be able to see their work regularly.
 The first student to sit and pose for me, a delightful girl, and then all the others wanted portraits after I drew her.
 Portrait of a student.
 Portrait of a student.
 Portrait of a student, and a really sweet and generous girl.
 In the drawing classroom with one of my students. They LOVE these apps with the cute effects.
 Portrait of a student, and perhaps my favorite drawing.
 Portrait of a student. They call him Big Tooth. :)
 Portrait of a student.
 My translator, and friend, another professor at the University.
 I had the great honor of being taken to a Buddhist shrine, on a mountain top near Xi’an, where I made a portrait of one of the monks. It was an incredible experience!
 Drawings of the terra-cotta warriors.
 Drawings of the terra-cotta warriors.
 Drawings of the terra-cotta warriors, although this is actually a bronze work!
 A fun, and really wild friend I met at a hostel.
 This young man had been riding his bicycle on his own for over a year, going thousands of kilometers through China and Tibet!
 At the hostel in Hangzhou.
 Gorgeous gardens and shrines on the lake in Hangzhou.
 One of the seven sacred rocks in Southern China, and a kitten.
 Children skating and running with ribbons in the courtyard between the Drum Tower and Bell Tower in Beijing.
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