Pnuemama Bios for Meow Wolf Denver Application

Lisa von Koch: Lisa Corine von Koch, AKA the Baroness Elsa von, is an artist and an educator, having taught drawing and design at the collegiate level for thirteen years. As a tiny undergrad, she worked for four years in the scene shop for Pioneer Memorial Theatre, building and painting sets and properties- her first experience in creating immersive environments, which sent her twirling away from traditional painting and drawing and off to Graduate School to make sculptural installations of her own. She received her Master of Fine Arts from Arizona State University, and has since been the recipient of grants for artist residencies, including the Vermont Studio Center and the Santa Fe Art Institute, and has been an invited artist at the Inner Mongolian Agricultural University in China, and lectured at the Nisagara Independent PU College in Kollegal, India.  The Baroness has exhibited nationally, including an installation at the Phoenix Art Museum and has had work included in the Arizona Biennale. An adventurous and audacious performer, an ecologically minded sculptor, and an ambitious painter who believes in “Doin’ it in the Real World”, often her bodies of work are generated first by creating a character or persona (with requisite elaborate costumes and rituals) that she inhabits in order to bring the works to fruition. She is the (self-proclaimed, but uncontested) Ceremonial Documentor of the Turkey Boogie, and Gobble Gobble Bitches Yeah! A BASE jumping and highlining festival in the desert near her home town of Moab, Utah.

Applicable skills:

Painting (intimate through very large scale)

Drawing (traditional and non-traditional media, and performatively)

Performance Art


Sewing and Wearable Art

Stop Motion Photography and Video Editing

Sculpture and Installation: found object assemblage, paper-making, casting of resins and acrylics, encaustics, wood construction, fibers.

Colorado Zipcode: 80205

Erin Smith: Erin Smith comes from the world of theater. With a main focus in lighting and sound, Erin pays special attention to the literal environment and the psyche of the viewer by using unconventional methods to draw viewers into the realm of the work. She has designed both in an educational setting and professionally, including taking on the daunting task of designing sound for a primarily deaf theater company. She has multiple awards from the Kennedy Center for her work with lighting and sound.

Applicable Skills:

Lighting and Sound Design

Scenic painting and arts

Properties construction

Metal fabrication

Colorado Zipcode: 80212

Layla Darvish: My name is Leila Ashouri also known as Layla Darvish and Leila Ash.  I have been studying art since I was 14 years old and finished my schooling in art and design. Originally born in Iran, I lived there from ages 7 through 17 before moving to the United States. Going through adolescence in a Muslim country as a girl is very different. A lot of my art is inspired by my experiences as a female living in a Muslim society. My femininity was suppressed in my culture, as it is for women in all other Muslim countries.

I found my way into silversmithing because I wanted to show my art simply by wearing it. I started the “Jewels of Life” collection to empower women of all kinds and ages. All women have faced pain one way or another on their journey, no matter where they are from or what belief system they were raised in. The “Jewels of life” collection is intended to break any taboos or stigmas associated with womanhood inherited from cultural views and religious beliefs. I came up with the “vagina” concept because I wanted to shock viewers with explicitness and gain their curiosity to the story behind the design. How else could I encourage random strangers think about women’s issues? It has been very healing and empowering to make these pieces and have women of all ages and backgrounds come and share their stories with me. The vagina, as an overt symbol of pure femininity, is something that women from all over the world have connected with, and to me that’s the beauty of it.

Applicable Skills:

Design, 2d and 3d

Visual communication

Small scale fabrication



Colorado Zipcode:80222

Sierra Wonderlynd: My story begins as a young girl, learning to sew at the knee of my seamstress grandmother. What started as small projects and costumes soon blossomed into a life-long fascination of sewing and the fiber arts; and I am proud to carry on this artistic tradition in my family. I first started selling my wares after high school, traveling the country and setting up at music festivals and outdoor events with my handmade patch-worked clothing and accessories. Doing this connected me to an extended network of fans and friends all over the country and gave me the perfect foundation to build my brand. Upon graduating from the Fashion and Design Program at the Emily Griffith Technical College in Denver, I embarked upon Sumeria Sierra, my latest incarnation of clothing and accessories primarily for women, festival goers, and performance artists. Everything I create is from UPcycled (re-incarnated) materials, gathered from my travels, and frequently saved from going in the landfill in hopes of reducing our carbon footprint and lessening the impact I leave on this earth. Throughout the past six years I have been creating under Sumeria Sierra, my styles have ranged from ready-to-wear festival clothing to upscale party dresses and fanciful lace robes, but I have stayed true to the core values of recycling and reusing every step of the way.

Sumeria Sierra is a culmination of inspiration gathered from interstellar road trips, sunshine filled days, and nights around the campfire, excursions through the desert, vintage clothing, thrifted gems and galactic treasures. Even the smallest of scraps are used to create my visions, as well as recycled and vintage fabric, lace, and trim. Many of my designs are based around sacred geometry and organic based imagination, ideas come to me via my travels, visions and dreams which I then transcribe in to clothing and accessories infused with interstellar magic and rare, unique beauty. It is my sincere hope to inspire my community around me to reuse, reconstruct and UPcycle as much as possible; I strive to breathe new life in to what was once old and forgotten, infusing vintage textiles and techniques with modern ideas and styles from the future. The threads I stitch tell stories of my travels.

Applicable Skills:





Repurposing found materials


Custom drafting

Flat patterning and draping

Colorado Zipcode: 80212

Amye Rappé: Amye Rappé is an art historian and business owner with extensive knowledge of art theory, context, materials, and project management. With a BFA from the nationally recognized Kansas City Art Institute and an MA in Art history from the University of Missouri Kansas City, Amye has a vast knowledge of art and art practices. She received her BFA with an emphasis in design and executed projects in everything from 2d design to industrial design, print media, and web design. Large scale print projects, immersive full-room experiences, and everything in between gave her a well-rounded as an undergraduate who now feels comfortable working with a variety of tactile and digital processes. During her graduate program, Amye coordinated, curated, and designed print collateral for studio art shows at the UMKC Gallery Of Art. Throughout that Graduate Assistant position, Amye learned and practiced safe art handling, communicating effectively with artists, and full project management for all aspects of curating a gallery show. Adhering to deadlines and budgeting were crucial to this position as the gallery was funded by the university. Other aspects of her graduate program included an internship with the prestigious Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art where Amye worked directly with curators, librarians, and prospective artists to generate a cohesive system of back-catalog material management, as well as organizing archival elements of the Nelson’s photography department. Of particular note during her MA program is a Master’s thesis discussing René Magritte’s role in surrealism as it pertains to his nondescript artist persona. Her research skills were honed by combing through catalogue raisonées, interviews, travel, but ultimately came down to effective and organized writing to complete a comprehensive and focused document detailing Magritte’s role in the Surrealist movement.

Applicable skills:

design, large and small scale, 3 dimensional and print

abstract painting

extensive knowledge of color and color theory

art historical research and writing

fine art handling and proper care and maintenance

fine art framing

gallery installation and presentation design

Project management, including budgets and deadlines

Colorado Zipcode: 80214